Meno Mojo is a partially completed beach front resort (fully operational) on the beautiful tropical island of Gili Meno, North Lombok Indonesia. The island is often describe as the honeymooners perfect destination as it is not over run with bars and nightclubs and hoards’ of party goers. In fact more families and couples looking for total relaxation are visiting the island generally on a 3-5 day stay. 

The government of Indonesia is very committed to accelerating growth in the country and are implementing changes to streamline processes for foreign investment and reduce the “red tape” which has been a frustrating hurdle in the past for potential investors. New laws have been signed off on by the President, Bapak Jokowi to reduce corporate taxation and to also reduce dividend tax to zero percent for foreign investment in resorts and related tourism enterprises. These are very exciting times in Indonesia and particular Lombok and the Gili Islands. Lombok is included in the “ 10 new destinations”  government project and Gili Meno are now receiving government funds to build a new jetty in the main harbour and improve tourist facilities around the island.

The Gili Islands are well known around the globe however Gili Meno has been over shadowed in the past by Gili T ( the party Island) and Gili Air ( a mix between Gili T and Gili Meno). The trend that is now gaining momentum is that Gili Meno is developing into the family friendly island and the government will be spending advertising funds to promote Meno at tourism events and other media outlets. We have designed the new villas to also be family friendly that can sleep up to a family of 4 or even more with extra beds being added on request. This website contains a lot of detailed information about the existing resort and our development plans.

MENO MOJO BEACH RESORT – a reality now and ready for growth!