Common Areas & Operations

As illustrated on the master plan, there is a lap style swimming pool and gazebos. The pool design has not yet been finalized and design ideas are being sought from pool contractors in Lombok and Bali. We feel that the pool should have a swim up bar and a shape that is more resort style. The main gazebo will be the restaurant and break buffet area. This can also be used for events. The grounds will be paved and landscaped with tropical plants, possibly some palm trees as well. 

The operational areas that will be added or upgraded are;

Generator Room

The existing generator will not have the capacity to support the resort with the additional villas. We need to calculate the power required during PLN (electricity authority) downtimes and then determine the appropriate sized generator to purchase. The current generator (20ka) will be sold and funds then directed to the new purchase. The genset room will also contain a workshop for our engineering team. 

Housekeeping Room

Storage area for hotel room supplies 

Refuse room.

There will be a dedicated area for rubbish to be sorted and stored awaiting pickup. There will be three chutes that feed the rubbish into collection bins. 

Kitchen & Bar storage room

This area will connect to the kitchen and have an air conditioned inner room for vegetables and other perishables. There will be access from the kitchen to this area with a dividing wall for bar storage. 


Detailed drawing have not yet been finalized to expand the existing kitchen with the final design being appraised by an expert in this area.

Managers Quarters.

The managers’ quarters will be simple but nice. With a larger resort we will need to attract an experienced westerner to reside on site. It can be difficult to find the right person therefore it’s important that we provide a comfortable and private mini villa for him / her with the overall size being approximately 85sqm.