Meno Mojo Stage two Development Plans.

At present, Meno Mojo is a unique, boutique style resort on a beautiful property with mountain and ocean views. The existing rooms are sensational with immediate access to beachfront dining and lazing in the gazebos for an experience that will always remind guests of the resort and the beautiful island of Gili Meno.

The resort however needs more rooms / villas to maximize income potential. In addition to this a resort pool and a pool side restaurant and bar where events can be held such as weddings, anniversary celebrations and special events in general. There is an additional 1400sqm behind the existing apartments, perfect for the proposed expansion for additional villas and swimming.

We have many years of experience in island development and have designed the expansion with two things in mind. Firstly island construction is made more expensive due to transportation of building materials and other items to the island from Java, Bali and Lombok. There are also handling charges imposed by local “porters” that can be significant if not properly managed. The second consideration is the type of construction, Bricks and mortar versus Timber prefab. We have opted for prefab using a termite resistant tropical hardwood called Bangkirai. The primary reasons for taking this option are as follows;

  1. Construction time will be much faster.
  2. Fewer workers required to erect on site.
  3. The Indonesian style buildings will provide more of a tropical ambience.
  4. The buildings will blend in with the rest of the resort.
  5. The design will allow for more occupants in the villas.
  6. Prefab construction will have a minimal impact on resort guests.

Please view the master plan and villa design for more information.