Meno Mojo – An Investment Like No Other

Meno Mojo Beach Resort is superbly located just 600 metres from the main harbour on the best side of the island, the east coastline. At present the income from the seven rooms, 2 bedroom villa ( 40% income further details supplied on request) and waterfront restaurant during the high season is impressive and will continue to grow. The vacant land behind the existing apartments is a valuable asset and when additional rooms and a swimming pool are added it will become a much sort after resort. This will dramatically increase the revenue and become an option for larger group bookings and special events.

The resort is almost brand new and is ready for growth. As we own another resort on the island we will assist the new owners during the transitional period and promote synergies between the resorts. Further information will be provided on request. Please review the checklist for key points on why this resort is a wonderful investment at a very low purchase price.