Meno Mojo – Marketing

Although Meno Mojo Beach Resort has recently been relaunched, we have utilized the contact data base that was developed for our other resort, Kura Kura Beach Resort. We have worked extremely hard to establish contracts with offline travel agents around the world and are constantly pushing flash sales and other marketing strategies to boost our occupancy. 

Offline travel companies.

Included in our marketing presentation is a list of companies from all parts of the world that work with us to promote the resorts. 2019 was the first year of operation and during the months of July – October we achieved 85% occupancy. During these months travelers from Europe and the U.K. descended on the Gili Islands. We are now working on increasing our association with Australian Travel companies, particularly from Perth that is now well supported by direct Air Asia flights to lombok. 

O.T.A.’S (online travel agents)

O.T.A.’S are very important in securing bookings for the resort. We are signed with all the major companies such as, Expedia, Agoda and many more. A list of these agents is provided in this section of the website. We are constantly adjusting the online rates in line with the occupancy of the resorts and the time of the year. Low season of course has reduced rates and quite often special offers to attract guests are launched through the O.T.A.’S online marketing campaigns. These campaigns may change from day to day or week to week as dependent on the occupancy rate.    

Social Media

At present we advertise on Facebook and Instagram with campaigns and other types of marketing that advertise the island and the resorts. This type of marketing is extremely important and we will soon employ an expert in social media marketing to increase our coverage. Particularly with the new development of villas and the swimming pool we must rely heavily on social media platforms to spread the news.  

Weddings, Group Bookings & Special Events. 

We will soon be marketing packages for weddings, anniversaries, milestone birthdays and company events. We are working with our wedding event planner in Bali, initially for small events (based on the number of rooms and facilities we currently have) and when the additional villas and facilities are completed, larger events of up to 50-60 people. 

We understand that marketing is a very important ongoing responsibility that requires a creative and continuous programme to attract new guests to stay at the resort.