Meno Mojo – Masterplan

As previously mentioned, the stage two development includes 10 “Lumbung” style villas, a swimming pool, pool bar and a large open air pavilion that will serve as the second resort restaurant.

Whilst the beachfront restaurant is a fantastic place to dine, we will be promoting food & beverage sales in the poolside bar and restaurant. The breakfast buffet will be served in the pavilion as will special buffet promotions. The masterplan at present, shows a lap style pool, we are currently working with a pool designer for a different “resort style” pool.

The operational areas need to be upgraded that includes the following;

  1. Soundproofed Genset room and larger capacity Generator.
  2. Workshop
  3. Housekeeping room
  4. Refuse room
  5. Food & Beverage Storage room
  6. Extend kitchen.
  7. Onsite mangers quarters.