Meno Mojo Beach Resort (mmbr) resides on 2,250 sqm of land of which 850sqm is currently being utilized. The land is freehold and owned by the resort. 

The existing buildings are as follows;

  1. Seven waterfront apartments, fully operational and generating income. 
  2. Bar, kitchen, front office
  3. Beachfront restaurant with seating for up to 50 guests. This area also has an outdoor kitchen and 5 gazebos for guests to relax in. 
  4. There is also a 2 bedroom villa on the property which has been leased to an Australian investor. Meno Mojo retain 40% of the income while the investor pays expenses from his 60% share. 
  5. Behind the existing resort there is 1,400 sqm of vacant land for future development.

There is one owner of the property at present, an Australian citizen, living in Bali but has been involved in business on Gili Meno for over 14 years. He also owns another boutique resort just 600 metres from Meno Mojo. The second resort is Kura Kura Beach Resort with 15 rooms, swimming pool, restaurant and mini market. Both resorts work closely together in promotions and agreements with offline travel companies. 

We invite you to view the website for MMBR that provides pictures and descriptions of the apartments, villa and Beach front restaurant. Please go to www.meno-mojo.com 

Gili Meno will see tremendous growth in the coming years. We are constantly in touch with our offline travel agents around the world along with domestic agents in Lombok and Bali that will support sales to Gili Meno in the future. Meno Mojo has done a lot of the hard work in signing agreements with major travel companies. We have attended Travel expos in Bali, Singapore, Vietnam, London and Perth Australia to promote both resorts. We have already received many reservations for next year mainly from European travelers.